National Harbor Ice

I love doing fun activities around this time of year! I actually made a Christmas bucket list and we were able to cross one off last night. I had heard about a fun event at the National Harbor where they bring in big blocks of ice and carve them to tell a holiday story. I signed up early in the year for 2 adult tickets (probably the only adults without children) and we went last night. The whole thing was pretty hilarious because we realized we really were the only ones without kids, but it was still so much fun and being with Kyle, makes it even more enjoyable.

It was in a nice hotel right off the Potomac that is extravagantly decorated for Christmas. Every year they have a new theme and this year’s theme was Frosty the Snowman. You put on big down coats and are warned repeatedly that the air inside is zero degrees and to be prepared to keep your coat on the entire time. We were laughing about how serious they were until we stepped into the tent and yes, it took our breath away. You can see the surprise and anguish on Kyle’s face here. They take big chunks of ice and chip away at it into a certain shape. Then they smooth it down with blow dryers and color it the right colors. It was really fun but what I loved was at the end, they had an ice display of the nativity and talked about the Savior, reminding us of the true meaning of Christmas. Once we stepped outside, it felt like tropical weather, going from 0’ to 30’. Unfortunately, Kyle beat me every time we went down the ice slides. It was quite a nICE date if I was to say so.

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