Oh There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays

So far, spending Christmas at home has been a little stressful only because we never see our families and want to make sure we spend as much time as we can with both of them. We flew in at night and immediately the next morning, we didn’t waste anytime and drove up to help my mom make all her Christmas candy (one of my favorite activities). We made maple fudge, peanut  butter fudge, chocolate nut fudge, divinity, turtles and caramels. It’s the biggest fight of the year not to constantly take bites of every one of them!  I also had to grab some photos of my mom’s decorations to remember. Oh how I love being home for the holidays!

We've got quite the family.

I've always loved my Mom's Santa collection.

My family has three missionaries out right now....THREE! Three times the blessings and I love hearing from these guys every week.

My wonderful Grandma Jean cross stitched all of her grandkids names and put it inside a mason jar for an ornament. Those are the only ornaments I remember seeing on their tree. An amazing way to see what was important to them.

Candy making begins!


Maple Nut Fudge....

I love this sweet Gypsy dog.

And Mud Face...the cat with the bluest eyes.

Making the turtles. We top cashews with caramel and then cover them in chocolate.

The hardest part is cutting them up and wrapping each of them before you get the chance to throw it in your own mouth.

Peanut Butter Fudge has always been my favorite.

There they are....ready for send off!

My Great-Grandma Emily has THE best Divinity recipe. There was no snow on the ground yet so this was the perfect substitute. Yes, there really is no place like home for the holidays. 

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