One More Sleep Til Christmas

The night before Christmas Eve, we went to my mom’s side Chamberlin family Christmas party where my wonderful Aunt Holly brought my Great Grandma Emily’s green celery, radish and olive jello that I politely refused not to eat. Yes, traditions are important, so I’m glad others got a bite.
Kyle and I rotate every year with our families on who we spend Christmas with and this year, it was with Kyle’s family. I married into THE best family and I have loved learning about all of their traditions. An amazing thing we did for Christmas Eve to remember the true meaning of Christmas was we made and frosted cinnamon rolls for those we love and those who serve our community. We also put together envelopes and bags of money to hand out to others who seemed like they needed it. On each bag was tied a note that said “You’ve been R.A.C.K.ed! (Random Act of Christmas Kindness)”. It ended up being the neatest activity and we had some awesome experiences. We would put bags in people’s carts and hide to see their reaction when they found it. One couple pulled it out and the woman started crying. It really put the spirit of Christmas into our hearts and I look forward to it in the future.
Christmas Eve dinner was wonderful. We had it at Kate and Dave’s house with other family and the food and festivities were perfect for Christmas Eve.
Christmas morning was crazy with all the kids but also because my family has three missionaries out and they all called in during the morning. I felt like I was going back and forth between families the whole time but it was neat to talk to the missionaries and also see all the kids so excited. I love Kyle's family and we had a great Christmas Eve and Day.
*It's always a 6-8 profile call with our big and spread wide across the nation family.

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