A Christmas Tree Saga

Well we have quite the story for the beginning of our Christmas decorating adventures. We decided to get our first tree on Black Friday. Target was selling a beautiful 6 foot tree that was already covered with lights. We knew we wanted a tree with white lights so we decided to pick that one up until we realized only the colored lit trees were left. And so it began...Here are the steps if you want to create the best story of buying a Christmas tree: 

Step 1. Buy colored light tree because they are out of white light trees 
Step 2. Take tree home and take off all colored lights
Step 3. Go back to buy white lights and see that the white light tree is available
Step 4. Buy white light tree and bring home and set up while planing on returning colored light tree
Step 5. Pull out chord to unplug for the night and chord breaks
Step 6. Return both trees to get a different white light tree
Step 7. Go to 4 targets and find they are all out of white light trees
Step 8. Go back to target to buy back broken chord white light tree to fix it
Step 9. Find they've sent it back to the factory
Step 10. Buy back the colored light tree 
Step 11. Take off colored lights and put white lights on

Basically, we ended where we started. We are just happy to finally have a tree for the first time and to have decorated it with white lights that we will make sure won't come off. This little guy was quite the helper (nuisance) as we began decorating. 
 Once we set up the tree, we made sure we watched two versions of
A Christmas Carol as well as A Charlie Brown Christmas.
 I shot this photo when we volunteered to help in nursery and
this guy drew some fun Christmas pictures.
 I LOVE how our church sets up our building during Christmas!
 A fun row house in Alexandria dressed in holiday style. 
 The cutest gingerbread trees at a nice restaurant in downtown D.C. 
 Work had extra tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Kyle and
I had a lot of fun seeing what it is all about. 
My work also threw their Christmas party which is always incredible.
They had a theme of a train station and departures to different spots in the city.
This house blinkin a bright red and green and being voted #11
of the craziest decorated homes in the country!
 And here she is! The prettiest tree. After all the stress, it was worth it! We are so lucky to have a fireplace in our apartment and Kyle lit one to put the finishing touches on our decor.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas... :) and Happy Holidays!  

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