Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

I'll be honest in saying we haven't held as many parties as we would like so we decided to change that up for Christmas and host an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! We had people bring their favorite appetizers along with their best ugly sweater while I made my mom's sugar cookie recipe that never fails! We also had a fun drink mix bar where you could mix and match flavors! It was a great way to really welcome in the Christmas season!
My sister Hannah gave us this sweater for Boo last Christmas and we put it on him and he hated it! This time, he tolerated it a little better and even posed with us for some pictures.
I think he hated it so much because he couldn't walk very well. In fact, walking backwards worked better for him.
There were so many great sweaters to choose from. In the end, our friend Michelle, who had an actual sweater from the 1980's and one that was passed down, won. I find it's always the sweaters that AREN'T meant to be ugly that win. We had a photo booth set up to document the night.
One of Kyle's family traditions is making a trifle dessert and hiding an almond in it. The person who gets the piece with the almond in it gets a prize. It's always a bit competitive with Kyle's family. I'm glad we are continuing this tradition in other places too.
Fun night with friends and my one and only in a Sasquatch sweater.

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