Dear Grad much as we've loved having you around, we are ready to move on. Thanks.

Dear BTS...WHY do you have the best milkshakes and sweet potato fries ever?! You are making me want you everyday which our little school budget and my waistline can't afford.

Dear American University...thank you for giving me back my husband on Monday and Thursday nights and all day Saturdays. I'm so ready to have him home every night and have free weekends to visit more museums we haven't seen yet!

Dear Earth Day...You are so cool. Thanks for existing so we can celebrate this planet and so Kyle and I could help clean up the Anacostia Riverfront!

Dear Sprinting...Kyle introduced me to you on Saturday with strength exercises in between. I realize you are one of the best exercises I can do, but it's going to take me a while to get used to you (ouch! legs).

Dear Oatmeal Scotchie Brookies...WHY did I have to discover you on Pinterest today? I can't stop thinking about making you and hope you turn out to be as good as you look.

Dear Booski...Please stop waking us up at 5:00 A.M. every morning to go outside. I know you think it's cute to bop us on the nose with your paw and curl up on our neck and purr loudly, but your cuteness can only last so long.

Dear Fleas...Stay Away From Our CAT!!!!

Dear Spring...THANK YOU for finally showing up! I still can't believe I am wearing skirts with flats to work...and seeing the flowers and greenery come back after a long winter has made me so happy.

Dear Summer...I have mixed feelings about you because you can be so humid. But overall, I guess I am excited to see you show up too. But PLEASE give Spring the time it deserves.

Dear Spartan Races...Kyle is amazing because he is planning on running all three of your crazy races this year! I've been doing some of the workouts with him and they are some of the hardest things I've ever done (if our bodies were made to do bear crawls....we would BE bears! Just saying).

Dear Guatemala...We will be flying out to see you in almost two weeks!!! I can't wait to visit your beautiful lands and see where Kyle lived for two years during his mission! I'm most excited to hear the tropical birds and to visit Lake Atitlan....OH and the chocolate covered pineapple doesn't sound too bad either.

Dear Kyle...I CAN'T believe you are graduating this Saturday! Where has the time gone? It feels like we were just BARELY making our way across the country and visiting AU's campus for the first time. And I can't believe as of this second, you are sending in your LAST final! You are headed for great things and I am so glad I am taking this ride with you! Here's to the best MPA Graduate ever! 

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