Friday Thoughts

Oh thank goodness it's Friday! 

I used to look forward to the weekends since it meant I could steal Kyle away from school and studying for a little bit but NOW, he is free! (post on graduation to come soon) He's busy finishing up an internship and looking for a job that will help him start his career! I am so proud of him! 

Here are a couple of my Friday thoughts: 

Panera put this HUGE ad right in front of the escalator I take coming home from work on the metro. And yes, IT IS BACK! Kyle......PUUUUUULEASE take me to Panera to get one of my favorite salads in the whole world!! 

We got these little Life Savers Gummies packets at work the other day and upon breaking it open, I found these. Quite the interesting combination, don't you think? One of these is definitely not like the others.

The basement we live in right now has a beautiful yard with a bird's nest. Boo likes to sit underneath and watch the birds as they fly in. A couple of weeks ago, we realized there was a nest in there and THEN we heard baby birds! Kyle brought out the ladder for us to look in and I LOVED it! They were so small. The other night Kyle brought the ladder out again to see if the birds were still there and we realized they had flown away. Boo couldn't quite help himself and decided to take a peek too (literally, on his own, climbing the ladder and everything). I love his little toes stretching up to see inside (our garden is in the background and we hope we don't kill all of the crops).

After realizing he was out of luck catching any birds, he decided that he liked the view from that high (and probably still wanted to wait it out until a bird took a pit stop in the bird house).

Once he realized no birds were showing up, he jumped UP ON the bird house and enjoyed his view even more. We got him down quickly after that because we actually like seeing the birds stop by and the scent of cat on their precious home would probably destroy them and definitely keep them away. 

Last night, in preparation for our trip to Guatemala (6 days!!!), we stopped by REI to grab some ponchos (yes, it will be raining most of the time we are there...but we are NOT going to let that keep us from having fun!). Conveniently located on the way back is one of our favorite eats, the Pan American Bakery. It's a little place, but they make THE best Salteñas which are like baked empanadas. The crust is so flaky and sweet. And we never leave without getting a Dulche De Leche croissant which is full of creamy caramel (my favorite). Happy Friday! 

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