Master Kyle

After 2 years of classes, projects, internships and a whole lot of other fun nights, Kyle walked up on that stage and got his MPA!
Of course they would have a bagpipe processional in honor of the McOmber Scottish heritage!
He walks the walk AND talks the talk in EVERYTHING!
Kyle's parents flew all the way out for the weekend and we had a lot of fun. Gosh, I married into the  best family!
A little throwback to Kyle's orientation two years ago when we were bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to take on the world.
 Same spot, two years later, with a whole lot of experience and knowledge.
Throwing it back again to his first day. It's amazing to think of all that has changed since that moment.
These Azalea shrubs were begging to be in a picture. 
I love this guy!
I had to grab this picture of Kyle's dad. He's always been awesome and cool at everything. So there was no way he was cutting that cool to replace his sunglasses with prescription glasses.
We, of course, spent the weekend eating at some amazing places. We took them to our favorite gelato place, Pitango. 
We also took a trip out to National Harbor for Rosa Mexicana. They made Guacamole right in front of you and I was tempted to take that whole thing for was so good! 
The BEST chicken enchiladas. 
After the graduation ceremony, we went to brunch at Vermilion in Alexandria. Katharine got some amazing Salmon Eggs Benedict while I stayed on the extreme sugar side and got the brioche french toast.
So there you have it! We now have a master on our hands! And I am so proud of him and all of his hard work! 

So what's next, you ask? 

We'll see. I've loved my job at the U.S. Chamber and we also have loved the East Coast. We do miss family back in Utah but we feel like we still have some time that we need to spend out here. Kyle's going to start looking for a job in the education sector and we'll see what turns up. While it has been stressful making the rent each month with only one salary and lending Kyle to American University, I'm so glad he accomplished his dream of getting his MPA and I'm happy I could be in the passenger seat for the experience. 

I will miss: 

making the drive every now and then to American to pick him up in the evening
bugging him while he tries to study
taking the time to make a nice dinner that he could enjoy after his late classes
seeing him reading his smart education books 
celebrating with him when he has finished another semester of classes

I struggle with change but I realize that with ever change comes a new season of life and we are ready to take this one by the horns (or by the wings I should say since it's the AU Eagles). So... thank you American University for being a great school and the reason we started the beginning of our married life in Washington D.C. And thank you Kyle for having high ambitions and working hard to be your best self!

Master Kyle....Congrats!

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