Volcan Pacaya

Volcan Pacaya has erupted 23 times since the Spanish invaded Guatemala. In fact, it erupted when Kyle was serving here as a missionary. So why not hike up an active volcano? We woke up at 5:30 to catch a 6:00 van to hike this infamous mountain. We had a van that was going to come pick us up but they never came so Kyle ran down to their office. Our sweet AirB&B landlady Evelyn woke up just in time to give them a call and the address (I guess they got lost?). The van eventually came along with an out-of-breath Kyle. The van was full of other people that we met including a great couple from Canada and great people serving in the Air Force in Honduras. I guess Volcan Pacaya is one of the more famous volcanoes in the country of Guatemala. 

We made it to Pacaya and hiked the 4 KM up to the base of the volcano with a fun tour guide. Luck would have it that the minute we got to the top, a breeze had blown over a thick fog that made it hard to see the top. It was still pretty to see and the fog made it more mysterious. The wonderful thing about hiking a volcano is that when you get close enough, you can get down to the lava rocks and roast marshmallows...so roast marshmallows we did! It was an amazing hike and a great opportunity to meet others and experience more of the culture. 
We made it back from the hike and ran in to get showered and check out of the place we had been staying. We ran into a stressful situation when Kyle couldn't find his license and debit card for a while. Luckily, he found it and we left our bags at the hotel to head out and see Antigua one last time. We ate at La Cuevita de Urquizú, a really authentic Guatemalan place. Kyle said this is exactly what the Guatemalan meals are like. I loved walking along the cobble streets and watching some music shows and performers. Before we knew it, it was time to catch a bus ride to travel to Lake Atitlan. I was sad to leave Antigua because it was so beautiful but one of the main things I was excited for on this trip was Lake Atitlan. We were ready to keep going. 

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