In QUESO wondering, this Fiesta was ESTUPENDO!

In honor of Cinco De Mayo and the start of spring, our ward had a little fiesta party. Being in charge of the publicity of events in our ward, I designed a little flyer and also came up with the greatest email I will probably ever come up with: 


Do you want to be on TAPA the world?! 

We don't want to be JALAPEÑO business but.....

We are having a Ward Fiesta that we can't wait to TACO 'bout! 

THIS SATURDAY, MAY 16, 5:00 - 7:00 P.M. 

If all goes according to FLAN.....

No JUAN will regret coming!

But, if you have other plans, we guess it's NACHO fault.....




Kyle and I were put in charge of the photo booth for the evening. We had collected a few costume props that we were going to display until Kyle found out that these pants and vest were just his size...
It was a whole lot of fun and great to spend the evening with my favorite person. 
We ended the night with our favorite San Pellegrino flavor, Aranciata Rosa
(a blood orange flavor), poured into frosted cups.
This little guy found a slightly empty yogurt container and did not attempt to hide that
he had a sample. This picture was captured and then turned into this meme.
GUILTY! Too bad we like you (and spoil you) kitty. 

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